GCA Altium Digital, Media & Internet Monitor Q3 2021

GCA Altium is pleased to provide you with the Q3 2021 edition of our Digital, Media & Internet Monitor, which offers a quarterly update on global market data, sector valuations and M&A activity.
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Key developments in Q3 were:

  • Share price performance in Q3 2021 was negative for almost all subsectors, except for Gambling (+6.1%) and Content Monetization (+4.1%). E-commerce & Marketing Solutions (-18.7%), Customer Acquisition (-17.5%) and Inventory-based E-commerce (-15.9%) experienced the worst returns. The mixed returns were on the one hand driven by revised real GDP growth and increasing inflation, and on the other hand by strong economic fundamentals and growth.
  • EV/EBITDA valuations (2021) indicated negative subsector performances except for Gambling (+4.7%), while Social Networks and Communities (-21.8%), Gaming (-20.9%), Customer Acquisition (-19.8%), Consumer/B2B Services (-17.9%) and Other Online Marketing (-14.6%) experienced the largest decreases in EV/EBITDA valuations.
  • EV/Sales valuations (2021) pointed toward significant downward trends for all sectors, except for Gambling (+1.3%). Gaming (-26.7%), E-commerce & Marketing Solutions (-20.8%), Inventory-based E-commerce (-15.8%), Customer Acquisition (-14.1%) and Social Networks and Communities (-13.9%) show the largest decreases in EV/Sales valuations.
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