Keiichiro Harada



Keiichiro Harada is a Director at GCA Corporation. He has 10 years of experience in corporate turnaround and M&A. After graduating, he performed audit and financial due diligence at a major accounting firm. He also worked on multiple corporate turnaround projects at Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan. At GCA, he advised on numerous M&A transactions, which include the MBO of Omron Entertainment (currently Furyu), the merger between JVC and Kenwood, the business and capital alliance between Kikkoman and Riken Vitamin, the acquisition of Mercian’s pharmaceutical and chemical businesses, and the JV establishment between TORAY and Mitsui Corporation.

He received his BA in Business and Commerce from Keio University. He joined Chuo Aoyama PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2001 and was seconded to Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan in 2004. He joined GCA in 2006. He is a Japanese CPA.

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