November 3, 2020 | Publications

GCA Altium ESG industry book: ITAM & ITAD

As part of our ongoing ESG-related activities we will be releasing ESG Industry Books on a regular basis. The first of these is in relation to IT Asset Management and IT Asset Disposal.

Rising environmental concerns and government norms, alongside a changing regulatory landscape and commercial activity, have resulted in significant growth in the waste management sector in recent years. From the more traditional waste management companies to newer players in reverse logistics and recycling technology, this is a sector on the move, having seen 96 corporate and VC deals in 2019.

A key area of waste management is the IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) sector – a key pillar in enabling a circular economy – and the GCA Altium team has extensive experience of deal making in this space. This is an area that has only grown in importance since corporates have realised the importance of sustainable IT lifecycles, with a large and growing market full of untapped potential.

Head to our ESG Sector Coverage page to access our latest ESG industry book covering ITAM/ITAD and learn:

  • How the ITAM/ITAD market is benefitting from the COVID-19 environment
  • The GCA Altium team’s industry-leading track record and expertise in this space
  • What the trends are within the ITAM/ITAD market
  • What opportunities there are in the area for potential partners and investors


We hope you find this a useful document, and should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ESG team.


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